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Wonderland Hill / Pine Brook Hill
Ranked 1st best neighborhood in Colorado

"Pine Brook Hills"

- Eva Marie
8 -10 minutes from downtown Boulder find the friendly and serene neighborhood with a great sense of community. Pine Brook Hills has its own water company, fire department and loads of hiking and mount...
40.0476786435112 -105.289190762909


Ranked 2nd best neighborhood in Colorado

"A small, upscale neighborhood with plenty to do here"

- BroncoFan
Briargate is located in a newer area of Colorado Springs with lots of upscale homes and shopping nearby. The home prices are from the low $200,000 to the mid $700,000 range, with an average somewhere...
38.9669272967966 -104.78516570776
Congress Park
Ranked 3rd best neighborhood in Colorado

"A wonderful neighborhood for anyone"

- BonnyHeather
I have lived in one of the neighborhoods surrounding Congress Park area for most of the past several decades, and I can't recommend it highly enough. It's a great neighborhood with close access to th...
39.7326613563152 -104.950801965458


Ranked 4th best neighborhood in Colorado

"A Wealthy Enclave with a Wee Scottish Flavor"

- ElizaQ
As you enter the Belcaro neighborhood, the streets lose their normal grid pattern, winding about confusingly. This is the first clue that you’re leaving the more ordinary Denver neighborhoods behind....
39.7028364256352 -104.948147244417


Ranked 5th best neighborhood in Colorado

"Something for Everyone"

- ElizaQ
Located a mile and a half south of downtown, the wedge-shaped Baker neighborhood houses an eclectic mix of professionals, families, and the young and hip. It’s also mixed-use: along I-25 and in the s...
39.7173546538861 -104.997883212546
Washington Park
Ranked 6th best neighborhood in Colorado

"Washington Park"

- Chris Davis
39.7011837537093 -104.966433276683


Ranked 7th best neighborhood in Colorado

"Northwest Denver is booming!"

- ElizaQ
In 1910, hardly anyone wanted to move to Berkeley. Although the neighborhood had been open for development for almost a decade, it was still largely a patchwork of small truck farms – not that there...
39.7751942550733 -105.037923205121
Cheesman Park
Ranked 8th best neighborhood in Colorado

"The best of city living and green spaces"

- BonnyHeather
Cheesman Park has everything to offer residents. Call it "Capitol Hill lite". I lived close to here for years (in Capitol Hill), and my grandmother has lived in this neighborhood for a long time, wa...
39.7341331589057 -104.966086837651
City Park West
Ranked 9th best neighborhood in Colorado

"Cheap Urban Fun and Some Great Dining"

- ElizaQ
Although technically a separate neighborhood, City Park West is often, along with North Capitol Hill, lumped together under the blanket designation “Uptown.” Perhaps this is because of the restaurant...
39.7451425019262 -104.967615380052


Ranked 10th best neighborhood in Colorado

"A Great Place To Call Home!!!!"

- Denice & Stephanie
Hilltop and Crestmoor are both wonderful, well-established neighborhoods with eternal appeal, excellent schools and the perfect centralized location. Both also have a wonderful mix of residents. But...
39.7195495212407 -104.924020377008
Ranked 11th best neighborhood in Colorado

"Park Hill, Diversity,Charm & Character."

- Wade Torbenson
Park Hill is a diversified neighborhood full of character, charm and history. Park Hill has some of Denver’s most magnificent old , from large Tudors and Denver Squares to Victorians and sturdy brick...
39.744770010688 -104.922814062908


Ranked 12th best neighborhood in Colorado

"Walk or Bike to Everything!"

- Denice & Stephanie
Highlands is a great neighborhood to call home....or spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. If you are lucky enough to be a resident your legs (walking or biking) can get you just about everywhere this neig...
39.7626716920723 -105.012469645859
Virginia Village
Ranked 13th best neighborhood in Colorado

"I love my neighbors!!!!"

- dhollstein
I moved to the neighborhood 3 yerars ago. I love my street --- I love my neighbors!!!
39.6862163258446 -104.924933780666
Capitol Hill
Ranked 14th best neighborhood in Colorado

"The Roaring Twentysomethings"

- ElizaQ
Historically one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, Capitol Hill is demographically one of its youngest. Originally settled in the late 1800s, Capitol Hill underwent a period of decline in the 1960s a...
39.7365685237429 -104.979987499977

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek
Ranked 15th best neighborhood in Colorado

"Beautiful friendly neighborhoods"

- Marci Herrera
Cherry Creek is one of the best areas in Denver to live. It has a little bit of everything for all walks of life.
39.7195972250761 -104.94882776119

Country Club

Country Club
Ranked 16th best neighborhood in Colorado

"A posh neighborhood with a twist"

- BonnyHeather
Denver Country Club is an exclusive, members-only club that caters to the wealthy surrounding neighborhoods. This will give you an ifdea of what the Country Club neighborhood itself is like. It is a...
39.7239816065172 -104.965165655082


Ranked 17th best neighborhood in Colorado

"A great part of Denver"

- BroncoFan
University is aptly named due to the University of Denver, a private university located here. The Iliff School of Theology is also here as well. I am often in this neighborhood as I enjoy a good game...
39.6729629854707 -104.966655468016

Platt Park

Platt Park
Ranked 18th best neighborhood in Colorado

"A pretty, well maintained area of Denver"

- BroncoFan
Platt Park is a really nice little area located just to the northwest of Denver University. The area is an established, upscale neighborhood which is a well maintained section with older homes that a...
39.6885333636219 -104.981255900157

Sloan Lake

Ranked 19th best neighborhood in Colorado

"Major revitalization here"

- BonnyHeather
Sloan Lake has become one of the city hotspots for families. The transformation of many of these neighborhoods has been nothing short of astonishing. Sloan Lake, for as far back as I can remember, h...
39.7514542343911 -105.03953781666
Ranked 20th best neighborhood in Colorado

"A long history with Colorado"

- BroncoFan
Old Colorado City started as the capital when Colorado was still just a territory. The area is filled with historic buildings and remants of the past. This area is rich in history, but is also geare...
38.8436091452411 -104.856725235527
39.0623717438994 -105.723660246599 5